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Why you should have a sump pump in your home!

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

diagram of a sump pump A helpful diagram of how a sump pump works in your home!

Dealing with water damage in your basement is no laughing matter. A home owners’ basement is an important part of their home. It can be used for a variety of reasons including an additional bedroom, a lounge area, and storage. Important items in your life can get damaged if you have a water loss down there.
One of the main things protecting your basement from water is your home's sump pump! You may not know what sump pump is and what its use in your home is. Here's some helpful information on what it is, and what it does!

What is a Sump Pump?
A sump pump is in charge of pumping water that enters your basement out of your home and into an area where it is safe to drain. The device sits in a "sump" which is a pit dug into the lowest point of your home, generally this is either the basement or a crawl space. When it rains the soil around your home becomes oversaturated. When excess groundwater funnels toward the sump pump and begins to fill with water, the pump activates and begins to remove the water from the pit.

Do I need a Sump Pump?
Many Michigan homes already have a sump pump installed. Sump pumps are recommended for homes that are in areas that receive heavy rain or snow, built on a flood-prone plot, or have had water issues in the past. A sump pump is also recommended for homes that have a finished basement. Even though they may not be high risk, it’s important to protect the livable area.

How often should I check my sump pump?
It is recommended you should check your sump pump every 3 to 4 months to ensure that it is working properly! This is very important for insurance purposes. On most standard home owner insurance policies water damage caused by sump pump failure isn't covered. You can add coverage for an additional cost, but if you aren't willing to go that route, regularly checking that your sump pump works is your best bet!

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